Our Story…

We are passionate about life and want to inspire everyone to live more healthy lives. Eat Real Café & Catering was started by Elsa Lim and Evelyn Chung around the end of 2014 using a small van. Elsa was inspired to do something to promote healthy eating after attending a cross-fit competition in Townsville, Queensland. Now we have a well established Cafe based in north Cairns, an online meal ordering service and plans to expand to service customers in Brisbane.

Elsa who is the main driving force behind the business has been eating Paleo for over 6 years (way before it became trendy!) after several years of struggle with weight issues. The following captures part of Elsa’s story:

I was forever starving on a low calorie diet. After one season of bodybuilding I learnt that you could change your physique by simply eating, whether it be good or bad food. My first strength and conditioning coach spoke a lot about Paleo eating and I remember hearing this and saying to myself this cannot be true!. What I learnt was, I could eat whatever I wanted as long as it followed the guidelines of Paleo eating. I remember eating bacon and eggs with a piece of fruit, vegetable or salad for breakfast for almost one year, while joining a cross-fit football workout and with support from a great trainer – not only did I drop in terms of body fat, but I also gained in muscle. I was really impressed to say the least! Previously, I had tried very hard to maintain a healthy weight and body shape until now. I also used to train other girls and they were all getting fit but not losing weight – which led them to become frustrated. So, we all decided enough is enough – a change was needed. So, I agreed to do their food prep and they would just pay me for what it cost to make. I really wanted them to realize that it is actually what you put into your body that made all the difference. This experience really motivated me to want to change the perception out there that healthy eating is boring – so I started to make some of my favourite meals using Paleo guidelines and have never looked back!

Why We Exist…

We exist to give opportunities and bring change to peoples lives by providing natural and healthy food; whether you’re an athlete, a busy parent, teacher, shift worker, nurse or just a health conscious person.

What We Offer…

We offer a locally sourced healthy and paleo friendly food alternative.

We offer a variety of products and services; Cafes, Online Meal Planning for the whole family, Meal Packs catered for school kids/working parents and our 5 star Catering services.

Our approach to Healthy Eating …

We believe in only using fresh and natural ingredients which includes:

  • Dairy free (except for organic butter)
  • Sugar free
  • Preservative free
  • We use only extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil
  • No soy or corn products

Meet our team

Elsa Comino
Founder & Director
Eva Biggs
Irene Lau
Café Manager

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